View of beach, ocean, and mountains at Bishop's Beach in Homer, Alaska.

Enjoy the Tranquil Beauty of Bishops Beach in Homer, Alaska

Bishop’s Beach in Homer, Alaska, is a 1.25-mile-long peninsula that juts into Kachemak Bay. This bay is the most popular beachfront destination for locals and travelers alike. The Kachemak Bay skyline boasts views of striking blue water, flourishing trees and greenery, as well as mountain ranges. Not only does this beach offer a variety of views, but it also offers guests many ways to explore! As locals, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to spend a day on Bishop’s Beach.

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3 Ways You Can Spend the Day at Bishop’s Beach in Homer, Alaska

Explore Tide Pools

Tide pools are an interesting way to explore the Kachemak Bay waters. Tide pools are shallow water settlements among the intertidal seashore. Often, these pools are home to small-scale sealife life jellyfish and crabs! You can see them for yourself during low tide via a tide boat, or you can take a guided tidepooling tour! We recommend going with a guide, as they will point out unique sea life and offer knowledge you can take home.

Go Beachcombing

Looking for natural treasures to commemorate your trip? Go beachcombing on Bishop’s Beach! This activity is simply scouring the intertidal areas for anything you’d like. Bishop’s beach generally has low tides and soft sand, so combing the area is a relatively easy process. Find that perfect shell to take back home with you.

Hike the Beluga Slough Trail

Bishop’s Beach Park hosts the 1.2-mile scenic trail loop known as Beluga Slough Trail. This trailhead is perfect for hikers of all skill levels and offers beautiful views of Homer. Peak hiking season for this trail is from May to October!

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Stay On the Kachemak Bay

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