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Your Year-Round Guide to the Best Time to Visit Homer, Alaska

Many residents of the continental U.S. have shared misconceptions about Alaska. Is it really dark for six months of the year and light for the remaining six? Is it always cold and snowy? Is there wildlife around every corner? Whether perpetuated fiction or loose fact, there’s a lot of myths to bust about Alaska. This is especially important if you’re planning on taking a trip to our neck of the Arctic Ocean! At Driftwood Inn, we’re Homer locals and love to share our home with visitors year-round. That’s why we’ve compiled all of our favorite things to do and see in Homer by season. This is your guide to the best time to visit Homer, Alaska. 

Browse through our expert tips below, then access even more helpful information on Homer with our complimentary Vacation Guide!

The Best Time to Visit Homer, Alaska, by Season 

Winter | December, January, February 

Most assume that Alaska winters are frigid cold. For the interior of the state, that can be true! However, because of Homer’s coastal location and maritime climate, winter lows really only dip down to about 17 degrees Fahrenheit with highs peaking around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Alaska is also known for going completely dark in the winter. The thought of having any stretch of time without any real sunlight is intriguing, but not the case here in Homer. Our shortest day of the year is in mid-December, with only about six hours of sunlight. When you visit Alaska, rest assured you can keep your body on a regulated sleep schedule!

Naturally, winter is the coldest time of year, but there’s still an abundance of things to do. Satisfy your inner arts and culture enthusiast with a stroll in downtown Homer along Pioneer Avenue and the boardwalks of the Homer Spit. These stretches of Homer are brimming with art galleries and specialty shops that allow you to take a small piece of Homer home with you.

Spring | March, April, May

In the continental U.S., the rainiest season tends to be spring. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. However, you can escape this cloudy, damp season when you visit Alaska in the spring! April and May average only around 2 inches of rainfall. During this season, high temperatures linger around to 40s and 50s. 

The quiet nature of our area in the spring makes it the perfect season for a romantic getaway. Enjoy tasting fresh, daily-delivered seafood at our area restaurants with your special someone. Or, visit on or after Memorial Day to be some of the first to taste our area’s bounty at the Homer Farmers Market. Stay in our accommodations on the bayside to take morning strolls along the beach and then explore Homer at your own pace. 

Summer | June, July, August 

Strictly for weather purposes, mid-July to mid-August is the visitor-rated best time of year to visit Homer, Alaska. Average temperatures range in the 60s with little rain. This warm, dry time of year is ideal for visiting Bishop’s Beach for relaxing as well as other forms of outdoor exploration such as charter fishing. 

Fishing is one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in Homer, Alaska. Homer is the halibut fishing capital of the world, so this isn’t surprising! Our halibut and salmon fishing charters run year-round, but the peak season for halibut fishing is from mid-May to mid-September. 

When you visit in the summer, you can take in Homer’s best weather and outdoor activities. If fishing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can get outside other ways, like with a hiking tour. The views on land are just as awe-inspiring as those on the sea! Or, take advantage of a bear viewing tour as this opportunity is only available from mid-May to mid-September. 

Fall | September, October, November 

In the fall, warm temperatures lingering from the summer begin to fall. In September, you can still enjoy the sunshine and high 50s, but by November, you can expect temperatures to dip down into the 30s. Fall is a refreshing time to recharge from all of the excitement of the summer! 

In the fall, peak season for outdoor recreation winds down, and our arts and culture scene takes the driver’s seat. September alone hosts the Alaska World Arts Festival, the Homer Documentary Film Festival, and the Annual Burning Basket Impermanent Art Experience. After that, the holiday season kicks in with Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Driftwood Inn has spacious accommodation types, like our Modern Lodges, for you and the whole family to have a destination holiday! Christmas in Homer is an exciting time, as our area hosts a plethora of events for community members and visitors alike to attend. 

Driftwood Inn is Your All-Seasons Home Away from Home 

We understand that you vacation for your own reasons. Some come to Homer for the world-class halibut fishing, others to stroll along the beach and relax. In this way, there’s no best time to visit Homer, Alaska. The bottom line: any time you want to come is the best time to visit. Driftwood Inn has a wide variety of accommodation types to suit different travelers’ needs. Our Modern Lodges are perfect for group getaways and families, while some of our Historic Inn Rooms are designed for outdoorsmen who just need a place to take off their boots and rest at night! We even have an RV park that overlooks Bishop’s Beach. Rest assured that you’ll easily find comfortable lodging with a seamless direct booking process at Driftwood Inn!

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After you book your accommodation, browse our owner-curated itineraries for ideas on how to spend three or 14 days in Homer! The possibilities are endless. 

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