How to Have the Most Scenic Trip From Anchorage to Homer

Anchorage is the largest metropolitan area in Alaska. It serves as the hub for all things Alaskan history, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, and even travel. The city’s population nears 300,000 residents, making it the most densely populated city in the state. Anchorage residents are proud to call this city home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a getaway every once in a while! We invite Anchorage residents come to visit us in Homer for a chance to unplug, unwind, and recharge. Anchorage to Homer is a relatively easy and efficient route that driveable or flyable and there are many things to see along the way. Take advantage of our open-book of travel tips with the information below. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Route From Anchorage to Homer 

Summer 2019 Travelers: Cautionary Notes 

Homer is having a beautiful summer!  The fireweed is in full bloom, peonies are early and the fishing and hiking are excellent. Unfortunately, our friends north of us are not faring as well with smoke from recent fires affecting the air quality in Anchorage, Seward, Cooper Landing, and Fairbanks. 

The general news has made folks question driving from Anchorage to Homer. Lucky for us, we have fared very well because our prevailing winds are out of the south, southeast, or southwest during the summer. We are happy to report the smoke from the fires north of us are traveling even further north. We do get a little haze that creeps in from Fox Valley, but our air quality is still excellent and we have been having some amazing sunsets. You can check out these fantastic views via our Homer Spit webcams to see the views of Kachemak Bay and Homer Harbor.

There have been minimal delays due to road construction or smoke on the Sterling Highway.  Our guests have been reporting no delays as of late. You can check out the road alerts at 511 Alaska.

Homer is the perfect destination if you want to avoid the smoke in the upper southcentral portion of Alaska. The air quality here is much better, the views are breathtaking, and there is so much to do. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

Would You Rather: Plane, Train, or Shuttle? 

No matter what travel method you choose to get to Homer, you’ll still experience 225 beautiful, scenic miles from Anchorage to Homer. If you choose to drive and enjoy four to five hours of designated scenic byway that emulates a national park! If you don’t want to put hundreds of miles of your trusted family vehicle, utilize a car rental service. 

Or, choose to fly! Homer is only 110 miles from Anchorage as the crow flies, and commuter airline Ravn Alaska can get you to your final destination in just 30 minutes! This way, you can add almost a full day to your trip by cutting back on travel time. Upon descent, look out your window for incredible views of the Kachemak Bay! 

One newer way to travel from Anchorage to Homer is via shuttle service. Alaska Bus Company can get you from Anchorage to Homer in one day for less than $100 per ticket! You can’t beat the price, and you’ll see all the same scenic views you would taking a car. It runs along Seward Highway and passes by Cook Inlet.  

As of now, the bus holds 22 passengers and runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from June through September. Fun fact: the vehicle runs on recycled vegetable oil! Feel good about your auto travel when you utilize this service! 

Stops Along the Way

The views from a plane or the shuttle are great, but perhaps the best thing about choosing to drive from Anchorage to Homer is the beautiful stops along the way! From wildlife conservation centers and recreation areas to spots to stop for coffee, we know all the best stopovers. Check out our 8 favorite stops along Seward Highway as you plan your route from Anchorage to Homer!

  1. Beluga Point Lookout: This popular lookout just outside of Anchorage boasts views of Turnagain Arm. Here, you can watch the tide roll in, and, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Beluga whales!
  2. Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center: Support our environment and gaze in awe at some incredible wildlife sightings when you stop here! Drive or walk and watch from a comfortable distance as moose, bears, wolves, and eagles enjoy their life in this safe haven. 
  3. Canyon Creek Rest Stop: By now, you certainly have to stop and rest. At Canyon Creek Rest Stop, do just that and enjoy views of the junction of Canyon and Six Mile Creeks.
  4. Kenai River along Cooper Landing Area: Pullover alongside the Kenai River to take in views of pristine, turquoise water. 
  5. The Moose is Loose Bakery in Soldotna, AK: Are you hungry yet? Surely, you brought road trip snacks, but save those for later! You need to taste the sweet treats at the Moose is Loose! Pair your mid-trip cup of coffee with an apple fritter or custard-filled maple bar. The sugar rush will satisfy and excite you for the 75 miles left in your trip. 
  6. Ninilchik Russian Orthodox Church: You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale storybook when you stop on the grounds of this church in Ninilchik, AK. Amid beautiful architecture and steeples, you’ll stand amid wildflowers and daises. The exterior is great for photography while the interior is chalked full of history. 
  7. Anchor River State Recreation Area: As you near your final destination, make one last stop at Anchor River. This recreation area is the furthest west you can drive in North America. Just one more thing to check off your Alaskan bucket list!
  8. The Homer Baycrest Overlook: Many who arrive in Homer, even locals, look forward to the moment they crest Homer Hill and drop down into this picturesque small fishing town. Breathtaking views of Kachemak Bay with its backdrop of Glaciers and Mountains really does give you the feeling that you’re coming home.  The Overlook allows you the opportunity to savor the views and make that feeling last just a little bit longer. It’s worth the stop.

Arrive at Driftwood Inn in Homer, Alaska 

Room view of a Historic Inn Room at Driftwood inn.

After your route from Anchorage to Homer, you’ll likely be ready for a place to rest. Driftwood Inn is the perfect place to do just that! Travelers who visit with the intent to explore will enjoy guest rooms in our Historic Inn. The inn is located within walking distance to shops and restaurants in downtown Homer for optimal convenience. 

Reserve Room 35 for cozy accommodations and privacy. Room 35 features a king-size bed, microwave, mini-fridge, and best of all air conditioning for those of you who are not used to the warm weather this summer. You can also enjoy walks on the beach located close by or sitting on our covered back deck to take in the views

Reserve your favorite Homer, AK, lodging option to begin your journey. See you soon!


Drive from Anchorage to Homer in 9 minutes in this fun video:

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