King salmon and Tanner crab in cooler

Experience the Excitement of Salmon and Crab Combo Season

Homer, Alaska, is your gateway to fishing adventures set amid the most beautiful backdrops The Last Frontier has to offer. This winter, Driftwood Inn is featuring several adventures to get you out on the Kachemak Bay like the brand new Salmon/Crab Combo! This exclusive experience includes spending the day on the Kachemak Bay in pursuit of bountiful crab pots and the highest quality salmon. The Salmon/Crab Combo is led by our first-class captains to ensure that all legal, ethical, and safety measures are taken. This fishing charter gives guests the best of both worlds, and a tasty feast for later! 

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Tips for a Successful Salmon and Crab Fishing Adventure in Homer

Required Permits 

Homer, Alaska, is the halibut fishing capital of the world— and for good reason! Not only is our area filled with some of the best fishing in Alaska, but our captains also take every step necessary to ensure that all fishing is done by the books. 

This means all fishermen need the proper licenses and permits. You can get your free fishing permit online at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game under the “Fishing Permits” tab. These permits must be printed and signed to participate. Guests will also need a fishing license. It’s each permit holder’s responsibility to report their catch after harvesting the crab or at the end of the season even if there was no participation. Don’t fret about the nitty-gritty details, though! We can help you obtain your permit and report your catch. 

Salmon/Crab Combo Season

A typical fall and winter fishing charter targets King salmon and halibut. This year, we’re adding Tanner crab, otherwise known as Snow crab. It appears that this year’s Tanner crab season will run from October 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023 with reporting due by March 15, 2023. At the time you obtain your permit, it will state weather the fishery will be limited verses standard.  Currently, it appears that the Standard Tanner Fishery will be in place and you may find more details here on page 76.

On the Kachemak Bay, you will have more harvest opportunities than in other areas with a daily bag limit of five legal-sized male Tanner crabs per person. Check out this Tanner crab fact sheet for an idea of what you might catch!

King salmon thrive in the Kachemak Bay 365 days per year, but the fishing heats up in the winter months! Halibut fishing is available by request only! Halibut are a migratory fish, so it’s best to call ahead to get current fishing reports for these incredible sport fish.

Your Day on the Kachemak Bay

During a typical Salmon/Crab Combo day, participants will meet in the morning at the boat. The Captain will ensure you have your fishing license, King salmon stamp, as well as a crab permit depending on the species you’re targeting. There is a short safety briefing and all licenses are checked and logged once everyone’s on the boat.

Then we will set out on the Bay, stopping to bait and splash the crab pots. Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations require you to participate in this process.

Next, head off to the salmon grounds to troll for King salmon. The Kings typically range between eight and 25 pounds, but sometimes even bigger. These are referred to as either Feeder Kings or Winter Kings because of their age. (2 to 4 years old!)  These fish are the highest quality salmon you will find anywhere. You’re allowed two per person, per day until March 31, 2022. 

After trolling, enjoy the scenery as you return to the crab pots on your way back to the harbor. A four to six-hour soak is optimal for crab. With the use of a pot-puller, you can hoist the pots from the depths to see what you have legally harvested. With any luck, your pot will be bountiful. Then, return to port where you can have your photo taken and your catch cleaned! The Captain can arrange for further processing, packaging, and shipping after your return. 

Woman kissing Tanner crab with ocean in the background

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Relax at Driftwood Inn after a day on the Salmon/Crab Combo charter. Our Homer, Alaska, lodging includes Modern LodgesOld Town CottagesWoodside Lodge SuitesHistoric Inn rooms, and Tiny Houses! These allow you to stay near Bishop’s Beach and the loading dock. 

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