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Explore 4 of Our Favorite Homer, AK Packing Tips

The only thing worse than packing for a trip is unpacking. Take the stress out of both with some of our favorite Homer, AK packing tips that help make traveling feel like a breeze.

Once you’re packed, you’ll need to know what to do when you’ve arrived in Homer! Browse our Things to Do page for some inspiration. You will find it packed with local insight on the best spots to visit during your trip to our area.

1. Layering is Key

When building your Homer wardrobe, layering is essential. While the exact type of clothing differs based on the weather and season of your visit, layers are great because they can suit all environments, and there are multiple ways to style your pieces. We always suggest that you go for comfort rather than fashion while traveling in Alaska. You won’t remember how good you looked on top of a mountain, but you will remember how cold you were if you didn’t prepare accordingly. We recommend investing in a warm waterproof coat, a solid pair of hiking shoes, and a rain jacket/windbreaker no matter the season.

2. Invest in Packing Solutions

Now that you know what to bring, how do you make it all fit? We recommend several solutions to kick packing issues to the curb.

Shared Baggage

Most people find they need more than one suitcase when they travel. If your extra items are only enough for half a suitcase, share a bag with one of your travel companions! This will save space in the car or money at the airport when you check your bags.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes can help keep you organized before, during, and after your trip. We recommend each person gets a different color, so if you end up sharing bag space, your items won’t get lost in someone else’s bag.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

If you’re trying to pack your heavy layers and they just won’t fit, try vacuumed sealed bags! These bags flatten your clothes and allow for more room in your luggage. If you have a small, handheld vacuum, don’t forget to throw it in your car with you for when you pack to go home!

3. Leave the Gear at Home

Don’t feel like packing your own gear? Local outfitter, Kachemak Gear Shack, has you covered! Buying it in Alaska saves space on the way there and supports local businesses!

Make Sure You Have Space to Unpack

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When you arrive in Homer, AK, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough room to unpack and relax in your lodging. At the Driftwood Inn, we have a number of lodging options that are spacious and full of storage.

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