Creating Memorable Moments In Homer Alaska


Creating Memories with your Multi-Generational Families and Friends!


With the current feeling across the world today with this COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to hold family close and make lasting memories. You may not be able to be near family at this current moment; we tend to have family units spread across the country; it’s part of what makes quality family time so important. Here at the Driftwood Inn, we believe in the power of moments. During this time of physical distancing, we would like to recommend a book for you to read, “The Power of Moments”  by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. In their book, Chip and Dan talk about why we remember some experiences and not others. We want to help you create lasting memories with your family when the time is right.  At the Driftwood Inn we truly believe in good will, hospitality and family!  We can offer a unique perspective and  local expertise to help provide you with an authentic experience here in Homer, Alaska.


Quality Time


One of our favorite quotes from the book is “the “occasionally remarkable” moments shouldn’t be left to chance! They should be planned for, and invested in. They are peaks that should be built.”. Our friendly staff can help you plan these moments, these future family memories. Let us help you plan something to look forward to and be excited for during this time of uncertainty. Our community offers a wide variety of experiences that foster quality time together and fit any budget. Memories are not synonymous with expensive; we can help you with the best experiences, that will have you completing your trip feeling like a local.


Memorable Experiences

When we trip plan with you we take time to connect with you and make our recommendations and referrals as intentional to your needs as possible. We strive to give you options to enhance your vacation in a memorable way and to allow you to experience an authentic Alaskan experience to remember. Your experience in Homer is at the very core of our teams’ goals and purpose. During this pandemic communities around the world are dealing with uncertainty, it is more important than ever to support small businesses. The Driftwood Inn is a family run business by 6th generation Alaskans, we pride ourselves in having friendly staff that make you feel at home during your stay.


Hope, Love & Passion will Prevail

Homer Baycrest Overlook.

We love the quality of life here in Homer, Alaska and never get tired of waking up to the beautiful Kachemak Bay sunrises or walking on the beach at sunset.  We want to share this experience of being part of something bigger than ourselves, to have your breath taken away when you come over Homer Hill and to think of Homer, Alaska, as your home away from home!  When these trying times have passed and hope, love and passion prevail,after all this is over,  remember the Driftwood Inn  when you  think of getting away with family and friends to create memorable moments in Homer, Alaska!

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