Latest COVID-19 Response

To Our Valued Guests,

As the coronavirus continues to have an increased impact around the world, we feel that it’s important for us to communicate directly with you to show the steps we are taking to help keep our guests safe and healthy. At the Driftwood Inn, we adhere to the highest cleaning standards possible. We have also implemented additional measures in the face of COVID-19 to ensure that our guests feel a sense of security when staying with us. We are confident that these extra measures and precautions make our Inn a safe place to stay and relax.

Recent Updates:

As of February 14, 2021 persons entering Alaska from another state or country will no longer be required to arrive with a negative COVID test. The previous mandates are now advisories or recommendations. You may choose to participate in the travel declaration, screening and testing available at the Anchorage Airport.  Testing is now FREE for all persons entering the state through the Anchorage International Airport.

  • If you have Covid Symptoms we recommend postponing your trip; we are happy to move your reservation to another time.
  • If you choose, ALL persons arriving at the Anchorage International Airport may participate in a COVID-19 test at the airport for FREE when you arrive in Alaska. However, testing is now recommended and is no longer required by the State of Alaska to travel to Homer, Alaska via Anchorage International Airport.

Homer and Alaska, in general, is a great place to vacation as we have lots of space to recreate without being in close proximately to others and our numbers remain low in comparison to other areas in the U.S. and around the world. As always, we encourage you to visit another time if you are feeling ill or symptomatic. Alaska will wait for you! We look forward to welcoming you soon!

A Word of Thanks

We hope this reassures you regarding our efforts to ensure our guests\’ health and safety when they are at our Inn. We encourage you to follow all the local, state, and national health websites for the latest news and guidance.

Thank you for your support and your loyalty. We will keep you updated on any changes as we continue to asses the situation. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected and we can\’t wait to see you at the Driftwood Inn soon.

~  The Sweeney Family